Monday, May 3, 2010

Today I Wonder ... How fast can a person learn???

I attended the "Winning America Back" conference in Kansas City with Sarah Palin this weekend. I will give my review later in my CapitalinKC blog. But the realization that I came to, was that I have been so busy trying to learn national politics, that I have completely ignored local and state politics!! Shame on me!! How fast can I play catch up? How fast can I learn?

At the conference, there were tables and tables of candidates that are running for local offices and state offices, and except for the well known names I was clueless! Just because a name is well known does not make that candidate the best one for the job.

Yesterday my education started in local and state politics. I am also looking for local conservative groups to check out to join, or even possibly start my own .... so if you know of local groups or would be interested in joining this learning experience with me let me know :)

It is Monday ... the start of a new week, find a smile and share it with others so that you might help them have a wonderful week :)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why do we have Political Parties?

I have become very involved in politics this past year and it has been a eye opening experience. I guess you could say that I was very nieve.

After following the health care legislation and the games our political parties behind closed doors, it makes me wonder "why do we have political parties?"

Do our politicians work for the American People or for their party? Seems they work for the party because in doing so .... they get cabinet positions, funding for the campaigns, big people in the party to campaign with them, pork deals for their districts, etc.... and all the people have to give them is a vote, which should be enough if more people were educated when they go vote, but sadly they don't ... and for many years I did not either.

What if the party system went away and our politicians only had WE THE PEOPLE to answer to?

just a thought ....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today I wonder why .... "Small Business"

American the land of opportunity! Hum ... might be the land of opportunity, but you have to work like a farmer in a field with just a horse drawn plow, swerve amongst the obstacles like you were driving an obstacle course and pay taxes like you had money to pay them. All while paying for that umbrella insurance policy just in case someone comes after you and wants to take everything you no longer have cause you sunk it all in your business :)

Today after getting some bad news about a small business of mine, I wonder .... in this land of opportunity, where you can do anything you want to .... WHY do they make it so hard? The government is the first obstacle with self employment taxes, personal property taxes, paper work so intensive that you don't have time to run your business.

Then there is this semi new thing called the Internet, and YES, like you use to have to have a yellow book listing, today you must have a web page to market your business. Then you must have a blog to talk about your business. Then you have to put your face on a book to do this thing called social networking, and then you have to twitter around the Internet proclaiming your every move to the world, just in case they care ... and all this to hope and pray that a thing called google will want to put you at the top of it's list.

Definition of "Small Business:" no accountant to file tax forms, no human resource director to do the hiring and firing, no marketing department to get the google thing happening, no janitor to clean the bathrooms, just me, myself and I.

Today I wonder ... why do they make it so hard on the little guy to just do what they do best.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today I have Serious Wonders

Today I attended the Tea Party in Kansas City. It was an experience I will never forget. I stood there in a crowd of approx. 4000 people and my little head was spinning with wonders!

Where did all these people come from? Had they ever attended anything like this before? Who made the signs for these men? (Somehow, I never imagined men making signs...giggle) Hey it was COOL!!! When did they become so passionate about politics and their beliefs? Were they all republicans? I don't really think so ... I am betting a few Ron Paul supporters were there and I am not sure what they consider themselves :) Hey he has some good ideas, not I am not dissing him, just wondering!

I many more people are out there, that did not come to the rally, but have the same strong beliefs as the people at the rally today? Why did they not attend? But then....this whole rally thing is a bit different for conservative types ... maybe next time they will join in too ... I wonder.

The people that were there today, was this a one time thing for them? Will they find organizations to support and become involved in that will continue what was started today? I wonder ....

What I really WONDER about is ...... what am I going to do, to not let this die in my life! How can I help keep this movement going? I WONDER ....


Monday, March 30, 2009

Working from home

I have worked from home most of my adult life, with a short 3 year time I went out to an office to work. My husband complimented me the other day on being a self motivator. I was taken back because I had never thought about it.

I have however, thought about why in the day of teleconferencing, videoconferences, email, etc., why do we still have so many office buildings full of people working under strips of florescent lights. In the day of being "GREEN" how come we don't look at the amount of energy these millions of office buildings use? Not to mention the amount of gas used to get to those offices.

But the compliment my husband gave me might just be the answer .... maybe not everyone can get up and just work at home, maybe they need a motivator? I wonder ......

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dishwasher Buttons I warned you that some of my wonders, might be a little weird. Tonight I was about to start my dishwasher, and for some reason tonight I noticed all the buttons I could chose from. This is dishwasher is about 10 years old and until tonight I had not even noticed these buttons really, I just pushed normal and wash. That made me wonder, do some people really use all these buttons? When we buy new appliances I think we always want all those new fangled buttons...BUT, after we get home with this new appliance do we really use all that stuff? I wonder......

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why do people start blogs?

I have spent most of today reading blogs. Some great ones, some good ones, and some really really bad ones, BUT even the worst of them I give kuddos to for giving it a try, and being must more deligent than "I"! I wonder why do people start blogs? How do they decide what to share? And what makes one person very consistant about writing, and others just blog starters? Today I am a trying to convert from a blog starter to a REAL blogger. We will see.....